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The ultimate solution for assistance service management
EFI Suite is the cloud-based software tailored for managers, drivers, and dispatchers with hectic schedules, ensuring access from anywhere.
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The management that suits you
Carry out a complete and efficient management of services, users, your company's fleet and your company's billing. With our complete EFI Suite you will be able to manage, measure, perform and invoice roadside assistance services, transfers, taxi or VTC, as well as home assistance.
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More Control

All services, equipment and employees centralized through web and mobile app.

Total Security

We protect the data and information associated with your EFI Suite account.

Enhanced Accessibility

Thanks to our custom-developed web and mobile apps for Android and iOS.

High Performance Servers

Receive all the necessary information, step by step, to serve your customers.

Empowering features for total control
Our suites are tailor-made for each sector we serve, ensuring optimal control over process flows. For insurance companies: Enhance customer service with real-time service monitoring and direct communication with both insured clients and roadside assistance providers. For assistance companies: Automate and digitize the reception and management processes of assistance services provided to your clients.
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mobile using efitow app
mobile using efitow app
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mobile using efitow app
mobile using efitow app
mobile using efitow app
mobile using efitow app


Streamlined service reception with integrated clients, and the ability to create custom services.


Customizable notifications, ability to schedule deferred services and alerts.


Geolocation of the service as well as of the fleet and/or users by smartphone or GPS.


Utilize graphs, tables, and heat maps to optimize your company through data analysis.


Stores and manages all the documentation of your users, vehicles, clients and suppliers.


Generation and management of attendance reports and photographs.


Creation and management of multiple companies from the same account.


Real-time and automatic reception of services and instant messaging.

Guardian mode

Guardian mode, statuses for users, and other available roles for your users.

Harnessing API
Unlock seamless integration
Utilize our API to securely access information on services managed through EFI Suite, seamlessly integrating them with your company's other applications. Our API communication protocol enables you to gather data from all services managed through the EFI Suite application, connecting them with your company's CRM or ERP systems. This protocol operates on the RESTful web service, facilitating communication through parameter exchange in JSON format.
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Network of Integrations and Partnerships
EFI Suite integrates with 15 insurance companies, including insurers and assistance providers, to manage services, often in exclusive environments. Furthermore, we have additional partnerships with software and hardware companies, expanding functionality for our customers.
Service across Europe and the Americas
For over a decade, we have been operating in eight countries across Europe and the Americas. Our involvement extends to managing over three million roadside assistance and vehicle transfer services annually.
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